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The SSN Whale and Dolphin Working Group monitors international trade in both live whales and dolphins and their parts and derivatives. The Working Group provides technical expertise to Parties on the implications of such shipments and how CITES can offer better protection to species traded illegally or unsustainably. The Working Group's recent efforts have assisted in the listing of the Irrawaddy dolphin on Appendix I and the amendment of the Appendix II listing of the Black Sea population of bottlenose dolphins to prohibit trade in live specimens for commercial purposes.

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2007-SSN/WWF Rebuttal to CITES on Solomon Island Dolphin Exports

2007-SSN CoP14 Factsheet on Doc. 51 on Cetaceans

2007-SSN CoP14 Factsheet on Doc. 66 on Periodic Review

2007-SSN CoP14 Factsheet on Inclusion of the Fin Whale in the Periodic Review

2006-SSN on Introduction from the Sea

2004-SSN CoP13 Factsheet on the Irrawaddy Dolphin

2004-SSN CoP13 Factsheet on the Minke Whale

2004-SSN CoP12 Factsheet on the Black Sea Bottlenose Dolphin

2004-SSN CoP12 Factsheet on the Bryde's Whale and Minke Whale

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