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The goal of the SSN Timber Working Group is to prevent the over-exploitation, illegal harvest and trade of tree species. The Working Group promotes the new listing of tree species on the appropriate CITES Appendix and works to ensure that Parties are fully complying with the provisions of the Convention for species already listed. In addition, the Working Group advocates for new resolutions, decisions, or amendments to current resolutions that will improve the implementation of the Convention with regard to tree species and will work with government agencies and civil society organizations in range States to aid in their capacity to regulate the harvest and trade of CITES-listed tree species.

Mr. Juan Carlos Cantú, Defenders of Wildlife
Bosques de Cerezos 112
Bosques de las Lomas México, D.F. 11700
Tel: +52 (55) 5596-2108

2007-SSN CoP14 Factsheet on Cedrela Species

2004-SSN CoP14 Factsheet on Ramin

2002-SSN CoP12 Factsheet on Bigleaf Mahogany

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