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The SSN Rhino Working Group consists of organizations and experts from around the world that work on improving the conservation status of rhinoceroses. The group monitors the poaching of rhinos and illegal trade in their horns, conducts research, analyzes national and international policy and lobbies for better regulations to ensure that the five extant species of rhinoceros, all currently listed on Appendix I of CITES (excepting the white rhino populations of South Africa and Swaziland which are listed on Appendix II), are protected from the harmful effects of international trade in them, their parts or products. The group works closely with Parties, intergovernmental organizations, national, regional and international intelligence and enforcement agencies, and non-governmental organizations to achieve its goals. The Working Group has now stepped up its activities in response to an alarming upsurge in rhinoceros poaching and increased reports of large-scale smuggling of rhino horns in both Asia and Africa.

Ms. Susie Watts, Humane Society International
32 Higher Street
Devon EX15 1AJ UK
Tel: +44 1884 33734

Mr. Mark Jones, Humane Society International/UK
5 Underwood Street,
London N1 7LY, UK
Tel: +44(0)20 7490 5288

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2010-Revision of Resolution Conf. 9.14 (Rev. Cop14) on Conservation of and Trade in African and Asian Rhinoceroses

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