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2012-SSN Africa 2012 Calendar

2011-SSN Africa 2011 Calendar

2010-Video: Poaching of Elephants in Guinea

2010-African Countries and International Wildlife Agreements

2010-SSN Africa 2010 Calendar

2008-SSN Africa 2008 Calendar

2008-List of Countries in the African Region that are Range States of CITES-Listed Euphorbia spp. (to facilitate action on CITES Notification 2008/042)

2008-African Countries and International Wildlife Agreements

2014-SSN Africa 2014 Calendar

CITES Afrique: Newsletter of the SSN Africa Regional Bureau
December 2011 (v. 4, i. 4) · Stopping Illegal International Wildlife Trade
· Western Black Rhinoceroses Declared Extinct
· Funding Opportunities for African Elephant Conservation
· Customs Directors Calling on Regional Operations to Stop Species Trafficking
· SSN Member: Greenpeace International
March 2011 (v. 4, i. 3) · Appeal for stronger enforcement measures to protect gorillas
· Crackdown on illegal ivory trade in Thailand
· Collaboration between CITES and Nigeria
· Reconstitution of the CITES Scientific Authority in Liberia
· SSN Member: Conservation Justice
February 2011 (v. 4, i. 2) · Highest number of rhino deaths ever recorded in South Africa in 2010
· Unprecedented seizure of wildlife products in Gabon
· Recent elephant census results show negative impact of poaching in Kenya
· SSN Member: Animal Defenders International
December 2010-January 2011 (v. 4, i. 1) · Regional Enforcement Success in Central Africa
· Lions on the Brink of Extinction in Central Africa
· Partnership with the EU Against Illegal Timber Exports
· Critically Endangered Mountain Gorillas on the Rise
· SSN Member: Defenders of Wildlife
November 2010 (v. 3, i. 6) · The ITTO-CITES Collaborative Program
· New International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime
· New Protected Areas in Tunisia
· Major Arrests of Ivory Dealers in Gabon
· SSN Member: Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)
September-October 2010 (v. 3, i. 5) · Differentiating Between Wild and Artificially Propagated Plants
· One Fifth of Vertebrates Threatened
· Big Cats Initiative 
· Ivory Dealers Arrested in Yaoundé, Cameroon
· SSN Member: Robin des Bois
August 2010 (v. 3, i. 4) · Human-Elephant Conflict on the Rise in Liberia
· Tackling the Illegal Trade in Sea Cucumbers in Comoros
· Four-Month Bushmeat Hunting Ban in Ghana
· SSN Member: Fondation Franz Weber
July 2010 (v. 3, i. 3) · 35th Anniversary of CITES
· Illegal trade in cheetahs from East Africa to the Middle East
· New chimpanzee population estimates in Sierra Leone
· Protection of hippos in Burkina Faso
· Ban of wildlife exports in Liberia
· SSN Member: Save the Elephants
June 2010 (v. 3, i. 2) · Listing species in CITES Appendix III
· Post CoP15 report on poaching and ivory seizures
· Progress with CITES implementation in Nigeria
· SSN Member: Eurogroup for Animals
May 2010 (v. 3, i. 1) · Success of African Elephant Coalition
· Future of Gorillas Compromised
· Marine Species Protection Fails
· Bavin Awards
· Madagascar plant listings
· SSN Member: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
August-September 2008 (v. 1, i. 11) · CITES Guidelines on Transport of Live Animals
· Primates and Gorillas in Jeopardy
· Periodic Review of the Appendices
· SSN Member: Animal Welfare Institute
June-July 2008 (v. 1, i. 10) · Honoring Wildlife Enforcement Heroes
· World’s Largest Protected Wetlands in DRC
· Second Meeting of the African Elephant Coalition and Latest CITES Decisions
· SSN Member: International Environmental Law Project (IELP)
April-May 2008 (v. 1, i. 9) · African Cranes Threatened by International Trade
· USA is One of the Largest Ivory Markets
· Remembering Jeheskel Shoshani
· Animals Committee (AC23) Results
· AC23 and Capacity-Building in the African Region
· Ivory Trafficking in Kenya
· Cyber-Criminals in Congo and Cameroon
· Ivory Smuggler Arrested in Congo
· SSN Member: Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
March 2008 (v. 1, i. 8) · Meetings of the Animals and Plants Committees
· Interpol Donation to Anti-Poaching Work in Kenya
· Arrests of Poachers in Malawi
· Suspension of Export Authorizations in Madagascar
· SSN Member: Care for the Wild International (CWI)
February 2008 (v. 1, i. 7) · Imposition of Trade Sanctions Under CITES
· Gorillas in DRC, Uganda and Rwanda
· A Coalition for African Elephant Conservation
· The Bafing Reserve in Mali
· SSN Member: International Primate Protection League (IPPL)
January 2008 (v. 1, i. 6)
· Disposal of Confiscated Live Animals
· Barbary Macaque Conservation in Morocco
· 2008 SSN calendar
· Grey Parrots Seized in Cameroon
· Vulture Sanctuary in Guinea
· SSN Member: Last Great Ape Organization (LAGA)
December 2007 (v. 1, i. 5)
· Identifying CITES-Listed Species
· Bonobo Reserve in the DRC
· Seized Gorillas Returned to Cameroon
· Increasing Black Rhinoceros in Kenya
· SSN Member: David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
November 2007 (v. 1, i. 4) · Elephants: the MIKE Program
· Elephant Ivory Seized in Canada
· CITES on Non-Detriment Findings
· Garoua School of Fauna in Cameroon
· SSN Member: Pro Wildlife
October 2007 (v. 1, i. 3) · Conservation of Sea Turtles
· IUCN Red List: Apes, Corals, Vultures, Dolphins
· Preparation of CITES National Reports
· Conservation of Sea Turtles in Djibouti
· SSN Member: Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA)
September 2007 (v. 1, i. 2) · International Trade in Bushmeat
· Hunting Embargo in Ghana
· CITES Implementation: Interpol
· Sierra Leone Protects Chimpanzees
· SSN Member: Humane Society International
August 2007 (v. 1, i. 1) · Results of CITES CoP14
· North African Gazelles
· CITES Implementation: Illicit Ivory Trade
· Gorilla Naming in Rwanda
· SSN Member: Born Free Foundation

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