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Regional Projects

Eastern Caribbean Coalition for Environmental Awareness (ECCEA): Marine Mammal Sanctuary, Maritime Space of the French West Indies. ECCEA successfully lobbied for the establishment of a marine mammal sanctuary in the maritime space of the French West Indies. Details about this work are available on the ECCEA’s web site at www.eccea.org. The website also includes presentations about the sanctuary given by France and local governments to the IWC meeting in 2006 and also to the Meeting of Caribbean Governments (28 countries in the region) at the UNEP Cartagena Convention CoP 4 in Jamaica, November 2006. Contact: Lesley Sutty : l.sutty@orange.fr or ecceacaribbean@gmail.com

Cetacean Society International (CSI): Project on human impacts on dolphins in Latin America. CSI’s Latin American Project in 2006 supported five multi-nation workshops on human impacts to five regional dolphin species, including consumption, trade, regulations, enforcement and education relating to incidental and directed fisheries. Contact: William Rossiter - rossiter@csiwhalesalive.org


Pro Wildlife: Rehabilitation and reintroduction of woolly and spider monkeys in Peru. Pro Wildlife is supporting Ikamaperou, a rescue centre for primates. In the Amazon region, millions of primates are poached annually for the regional bushmeat trade, and young animals are often sold on markets as pets. Woolly and spider monkeys are among the most sought-after species, and both have already become locally extinct at many sites. The project also works to establish a protected area in the Peruvian Amazon with the involvement of local communities. Contact: Daniela Freyer - daniela.freyer@prowildlife.de


Asociación de Rescate de Fauna (ARFA): Educational project in the State of Cojedes, Venezuela (2000-2007). Shell Venezuela and the British Embassy in Caracas provided funds for conservation and environmental education in schools of Cojedes, Venezuela. Workshops held in 2003 and 2007 trained teachers and state education officials for the benefit of children in nearby communities; the program was later expanded to Caracas. Ecological games, outdoor activities, murals, and art contests for children, together with their families, complemented academic instruction. Other workshops trained environmental police and veterinarians in wildlife handling. Contact: Lucy Alió - lucyalio@cantv.net

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