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Regional Projects

Eurogroup for Animals: Promotion of a European Union strategy for confiscated animals. The In 2006 Eurogroup for Animals, with input from experts from its members, designed a strategy for confiscated animals. It aims at helping EU Member States when confiscating illegally-traded live animals of CITES-listed species. The promotion of the strategy involves communication with competent authorities to discuss the possibility for EU Member States to adopt their own strategy, and facilitating the work of customs, police and other officials involved in confiscation of live animals. An important part of this project will be the setting up of a database of rescue centers all over the European Union. Contact: Staci McLennan - s.mclennan@eurogroupforanimals.org

Eurogroup for Animals / Stichting AAP : Improving enforcement of the European Union trade suspension on Barbary macaques. In 2000 the European Union introduced an import suspension for wild Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus) from both Algeria and Morocco. The species is threatened by habitat destruction and live trade for the pet industry. Sanctuaries and zoos in Europe are overstocked with Barbary macaque infants, illegally imported (generally through Spain) into the EU, that have become unwanted pets. Eurogroup and AAP are working with the authorities to improve the training and capacity of Spanish customs and police in tackling this problem. Contact: Staci McLennan - s.mclennan@eurogroupforanimals.org


The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF): Amur Tiger Project in the Russian Far East. DSWF has been funding this project since its inception in the early 1990s when Amur tigers numbered fewer than 100. Today, with continued funding through a local NGO, Phoenix Fund, for training programs and anti-poaching operations to stop illegal deforestation, tiger numbers have increased to around 500. The dedication and commitment of this small team has also resulted in international recognition for their vital education program, which is successfully raising environmental awareness, saving the tiger and bringing tangible benefit to local communities. Contact: Melanie Shepherd - Melanie.shepherd@davidshepherd.org

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