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Wildlife Protection Society of India (WSPI): Tiger Protection Programme. WSPI provides support and information to state government authorities throughout India to combat poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, particularly in tigers. The trade is monitored using a network of field investigators and a wildlife crime database which now has details of over 14,500 cases. Over the past seven years, WPSI has hosted 63 wildlife enforcement workshops and given training to approximately 4,000 Forest and Police officers in 16 states.


ProFauna: Javan Langur Rehabilitation Project. Petungsewu Wildlife Rescue Center (PPS Petungsewu), a field project under ProFauna’s supervision, has been conducting a Javan langur (Trachypithecus auratus) rehabilitation program since 2004. Most of the langurs released back into the wild are confiscated by law enforcement officials and sent to PPS Petungsewu for intensive care. The langurs are released into nature conservation areas, such as Hyang Highlands Wildlife Reserve and Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java. The langur project includes research programs, confiscation of illegally -traded langurs, intensive care for langurs at PPS Petungsewu, release of langurs into the wild, and post-monitoring of the released animals. As of today, more than 50 langurs have been released back into the wild. ProFauna also continues to investigate langur trade on the islands of Java and Bali. Contact: Rosek Nursahid - rosek@telkom.net

ProFauna: Sea turtle Project in Bali. Since 1999 ProFauna has worked on sea turtle protection in Bali, Indonesia. Their campaign includes investigations of the illegal turtle trade, , public education, confiscation of illegally traded turtles, and the rescue of turtles stranded on Kuta Beach, Bali. Thanks to the wide support ProFauna has received for the campaign, the rate of turtle trade in Bali has now decreased by 80%. Moreover, Kuta Beach, where the hatching rate of turtle eggs has substantially increased, is now becoming a point of interest for tourists, both domestic and international. Contact: Rosek Nursahid - rosek@telkom.net


Born Free USA: Wildlife and Environmental Protection in Israel. Born Free USA supports the Israeli non-governmental organization Sparrow in its wildlife law enforcement work. Sparrow maintains an anti-poaching aircraft to patrol beaches and wilderness areas, protecting wildlife in Israel from poachers. As a result, endangered turtle nests are protected along beaches, small carnivores are protected from poisonings, illegal animal snares can be identified and removed, and rabies vaccines can be widely and cheaply scattered. Contact: Adam Roberts - adam@bornfreeusa.org


Cetacean Society International (CSI): Project on dolphin and whale hunts in Taiji and Futo, Japan and the international trade in animals from these hunts. This project includes an anti-cetacean meat marketing campaign, emphasizing human health issues from consuming contaminated food. Contact: William Rossiter - rossiter@csiwhalesalive.org

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