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The SSN Africa Regional Bureau invites you to view a 2010 video report, Stop Elephant Poaching in Guinea

This video was shown on national Guinean television and was funded by the following SSN Member Organizations: Animal Welfare Institute, The Born Free Foundation, Humane Society International, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Franz Weber Foundation, and Pro Wildlife.

The video is in three parts.

Part 1: Local communities, poaching, and human-elephant conflict

English translation of audio [Download pdf]

Part 2: Ivory trade, ivory prices, ivory sales, local support for poachers, and the need for increased protection of elephants

English translation of audio [Download pdf]

Part 3: Lack of funding for forest conservation and monitoring and, deforestation and its effects on poaching

English translation of audio [Download pdf]

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