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by SSN President, Will Travers



Thank you Mr Chairman

Since this was the first time that NGOs have participated in Standing Committee in this way, I'd like to thank you on behalf of the 70 organisations that make up the Species Survival Network for your remarks and your support for the participation of Non-Government Organisations.  I would like to extend my thanks to all the members of the Standing Committee.

As you have indicated, this is an experiment but one which, I believe, does the Standing Committee and CITES much credit, extending the openness and inclusive nature of the Convention.  I appreciate that there may be some who still question or feel uncomfortable with our attendance in this forum but, over time, I believe such apprehensions will evaporate.

I believe that the participation of NGOs, all NGOs of whatever persuasion, strengthens the Convention and I trust that the contributions made here over the last four days have been both constructive and positive. 

With the goodwill of the Standing Committee, the members of the SSN look forward to developing further our relationship with the Standing Committee, building trust and respect, contributing effectively and playing a continuing role in supporting CITES.

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